Retirement Living:

Inspiring communities for flexible living

Retirement communities provide an attractive environment for older people. Increasingly popular in the UK, these developments combine independent living and social facilities, alongside security and healthcare support as residents’ needs change.

At Charterpoint, we work with operators to find the perfect location, then design and deliver high-quality, purpose built accommodation and other facilities. These can often include, care homes, restaurants, health and wellbeing spa’s, cinema rooms and gyms amongst other amenities.

Adapting to residents’ needs

Key to every successful development is a clear understanding of your goals and the ability for accommodation to adapt to residents’ changing needs. This is vital for creating a more attractive proposition for a wider range of people. In turn, this helps you benefit from higher occupancy levels and a better return on investment - whether through sales, re-sales or rentals.

Case Studies

“Whether a retirement living scheme contains an on-site care home or not, we believe that most residents move to such settings with a desire to remain in their new location for as long as possible, despite changes in their needs over time. Flexibility and adaptability are crucial elements of the design process, enabling residents to achieve that desire and attract them to the location.”

Adrian Goose
Chief Executive